Cathal Hanratty

Exit Strategy Advisor & CEO of the Exit Plan centre

Cathal is on a mission to educate business owners on the importance of building value in their company and preparing themselves and their companies for the next phase of their lives.

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Sellers Checklist

Sellers Checklist that helps you understand what needs to be done to sell your business.

How we help

Exit in << One Year

Do you need to exit your business in the next year. We can help you put a plan in place in the next 6 months to help.

Exit in 2 to 5 years

It can take up to 2 years to get a business ready for sale. Lets get a plan in place to make sure you are ready if an opportunity comes along.

Growth Phase

You are growing your business and not thinking about exiting. That does not mean you should not be planning with an exit in mind.

Our Values

Can we help

We have been where you are and we have come out the other side. Our job is to help you where possible and put you on the right track to get the results you want.

Do The Right Thing

If we feel we cannot add value to help you achieve your goals we will do our best to put you in touch with someone who can.

Open & Honest

We have been in business ourselves for over 20 years. We have experienced the good and bad sides of business. We will tell you how it is. You may not like what we tell you but we will be open and honest with you.

How can we help YOU win?

We help SME owners get ready to sell their business. Whether they do or not is up to them, but at least all the ground work is done and they are ready to rock if a buyer comes along.