Business Burnout

Burn out is a real risk for all business owners

Burn out is a real risk for all business owners.

Burn out is a real risk for all business owners. It is stressful when you own a business and once you have staff then it is even more stressful as you are now responsible for them and their families as well. You are the person everyone in the business comes to and sometimes it feels like you are the one that must solve all the problems. You must make decisions every day that can help your business grow or fail.

So burn out can happen easily and you must recognise some of the reasons and take action to address them. If you let it go indefinitely and it is not corrected, then the business will definitely suffer and you will lose value in your business.

Believe it or not this happens quite a lot and even to the point where the business fails.

There is no easy solution, it’s part of owning a business, but the key is to recognise the symptoms early and take action so that you are re-energised in your business just like you were in the beginning of your business.

If you feel you cannot get reinvigorated about your business you are better off trying to sell the business now rather than let it slide further and lose more of its value.

What should you look out for if you are feeling burned out.

Don’t feel like going to work each day.

Tired of doing the same thing every day.

Lack of energy when doing your daily activities.

Carelessness leading to mistakes and lost sales.

A feeling that no matter what you do that it won’t make a difference anyway.

Do you also have physical symptoms. Are you feeling emotionally drained, exhausted, moody and annoyed by small things.

The question is what you can do to fix these issue. You need to identify the cause of this burnout and fix it.

If you don’t feel like going to work every day, Why is that ? Are you bored? Do you not like the work? if so, change it up. Get up in the morning and do a workout first. Then go to work. If you find the work boring or mundane, change the work you are doing or hire an assistant and do more on working on the business rather than in the business.

Implement a new marketing or business plan. Delegate more of your responsibilities.

Maybe it is a difficult customer of difficult employee that is causing the problem.

Make the hard decision to replace the employee or replace the customer. Send the customer to your competitor instead. That might put a spring in your step. 🙂

And then review your marketing plan as to how you can get a better customer.

Are you working to many hours. You need to make sure you have a decent work life balance. I hear you, that is easier said than done. But the reality is that , if you do this, you will improve productivity when you are at work and enjoy it better when you are not. You cannot work 18-hour days indefinitely.

If you find that the business is not growing each year then you are going backward, not standing still. That is the reality, and you must address this because you can bet your competitors are addressing it. I know it’s a struggle just to survive sometimes but you must get on with this and recognise the issues, face up to them and reevaluate the business and how you will reinvigorate yourself and the business.

If you find you cannot do this, then it may be time to reevaluate the business and if you want to keep running it. This link might help in this regard.

We can help with this and help you get your mojo back.