Exit your business in the next 2 to 5 years

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Excellent, This lets you get your company in order to maximise your exit.

A program to get you in the best shape as possible for an exit.

It normally takes 2 years plus to get a decent sized company ready for sale. We will help you prepare your company so that buyers looking to buy a business will see an excellent business that they can grow ever bigger and better.

Finance Functions

We will work on your finances so that you understand financially what is going on in your business and what a buyer would want to see.

Sales & Marketing Functions

We will review your sales and marketing to make sure they are working to allow you to grow over the next number of years.

Service & Operations Functions

Its very important that your service and operations is clearly defined for a new buyer. We work with you to systemise all parts of your business so that it runs without you having to be there all of the time.

HR Functions

We will work on your HR to make sure that all your staff are in the best role for them and your company and that you are legally complaint with all HR requirements.

IT Functions

We will independently review your IT systems and make sure you are getting value for money and that your are maximising your IT systems to deliver operational excellence across all your departments.

Health & Safety

We will review your health & safety to make sure your are meeting the requirements of a modern work environment.

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Worked with us to get us to a position where we felt we were ready to go to market to exit.

Carol Malone

What can we help you overcome?

We help SME owners to get ready to sell their business. Whether they do or not is up to them, but at least all the ground work is done and they are ready to rock if a buyer comes along.