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Everybody that is in business should be growing their business to exit.

This may sound hard but this is the way business should be run.

You are not going to run your business forever. Whether you sell or family take it over or a partner buys it off you. This should not matter. You should still be running your business in a way that means you could sell it now if you needed to.

Finance Functions

If you run your business with the idea that you are going to sell it, you will always be looking at the bottom line as this is what a buyer would look at.

Sales & Marketing Functions

Steady growth is the way to grow business. 10% a year growth means thats in 7 years you have doubled the size of your business. Its important to keep this in mind as your grow your business.

Service & Operations Functions

Customer delivery is crucial for the successful running of your business and this in conjunction with Sales & Marketing will allow you to grow.

HR Functions

Staff want to work for a company that values them and helps them with their hurdles in life. They want to be passionate about coming in to work every day. They want to succeed. Its up to us as employers to provide this for them.

IT Functions

ICT is needed now in all areas of you business from Sales and Marketing through to customer delivery. When this is streamlined and working well, it adds tremendous values to your business.

Health & Safety

In most business today, Health & Safety plays a vital role in making sure staff are safe and the environment they work in is safe.

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We hired the wrong person for one of our roles a couple of times. We wanted to see was there a better way to hire staff.

Ciara Stafford

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We help SME owners to get ready to sell their business. Whether they do or not is up to them, but at least all the ground work is done and they are ready to rock if a buyer comes along.