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One of the most important part of selling your business

Have you got all your HR bases covered.

When buyers come to look at buying your business one of the first things they look at is employees. Make sure you have everything you need to cover this base.

HR is such an important function in business. Have you got the correct employee contract in place? Is their a job description for each employee? The list goes on and it is vital to a buyer that you have all this above-board and correct.

We need to review all your HR procedures, and if there are none in place, we will put them in place. But its not just policies and procedures. Its a question of who is the right employee for the job in the first place. Do they actually want to be in the business? We have come across a lot of businesses where even one of the owners didn’t even want to be in the business. And this is OK. It happens. Five years go by very quickly, and suddenly you have someone working in the business who has no interest in the job but is just there to get paid. We need to review all staff and see who is passionate about the business and who wants to push it to the next level.

If we can do that, you will be amazed at the difference this makes in your company and how this can skyrocket your growth. Is it easy, No, it is not. But you must get on and do it. We will be there with you every step of the way.

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