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ICT plays a vital part in running your business.

A full audit of your IT Infrastructure is needed to see if you are missing something.

Have you implemented IT systems right across your business. Business owners think this is very expensive. It may not need to be and it can create real business savings and efficiency in your business.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have somebody come into your business without an agenda to sell you a piece of IT infrastructure and review what IT you have and how it could be used better? I don’t know how many businesses I have seen that is using IT that their IT provider has sold them because it is in the interests of the IT provider to sell them rather than what the business needs are.

You don’t need a server if you have five users in your business. You don’t need a €90-a-month CRM system per user if you are not using advanced CRM practises and functions.

What you do need are simple IT systems that drive efficiency in your businesses and makes your business easier to run. That’s it.

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