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We want you to learn more about how your business can be sold and what you have to do to make it sellable. The below training is designed to make this happen. Some of it is free and some of the more in-depth is paid training. We want you to get as much value as possible out of the training so please give us feedback on what else you would help.

Our Programs

Price: Free

Is there many businesses for sale in Ireland.

Price: Free

10 things I can do to add value in my business

Price: Free

What owners want when they come to buy your business.

Price: €30

Masterclass Finance for your business.

Price: €50

Masterclass on Sales & Marketing for your business

Price: €100

Masterclass on Service and OPerations for your business.

Reviews From Our Happy Clients

Excellent training. All small businesses should educate themselves on how to build value in their business.

John McGahon